Frequently Asked Questions

How does hospice care begin?

Typically, hospice care starts as soon as a formal request or a ‘referral’ is made by the patient’s doctor. Often a hospice program representative will make an effort to visit the patient within 48 hours of that referral, providing the visit meets the needs and schedule of the patient and family/primary caregiver. Usually, hospice care is ready to begin within a day or two of the referral. However, in urgent situations, hospice services may begin sooner.

How long are the hospice team’s visits?

Visits from the hospice team can vary greatly depending on the patient’s conditions and needs, so it is not possible to give an accurate estimate. It is best to plan to address your needs and observations prior to the team member’s arrival to make the most of their visit.

How often will team members visit?

Frequency of visits by team members depends upon the patient’s needs and condition, as well as the number of hospice programs the patient opts to receive or is eligible for. As a guideline it is best to assume that the nurse will visit twice weekly with periodic visits from other team members.

Will hospice make my loved one die sooner?

The goal of hospice it to provide comfort as the natural process of dying takes its course. We do not prolong life or hasten death.

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